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The following conditions of use apply between the operator of the website Le-maroc.info and the member (called user).

1. General
By accessing the Le-maroc.info website or using the services offered by Le-maroc.info, you agree and acknowledge to be bound by these Terms of Service. If you do not agree our Terms or to our Privacy policy, please do not use our Services. Le-maroc.info reserves the right to change these Terms of Service at any time. Check this page for changes regularly.

2. License of use
Le-maroc.info grants you limited license to access on our website for Moroccan, private and commercial purposes, in accordance with these conditions and the rules on the site. We reserve the right to terminate your license to use the Site and Services at any time and for any reason.

3. User obligations
The user accepts the usage conditions with the registration. The operator can not be held liable for infringements, the user is solely responsible to himself. The user does not claim damages to the operator of Le-maroc.info. We have no control over all of its favorites and assumes no responsibility for the content, the Privacy policy of third parties and their websites. The User shall bear all costs incurred, including the costs of prosecuting a violation of rights. The operator is not liable for the content of the published favorites of the users.

4. Registration to the Social bookmark portal and Toplist...

4.1 Registration in Moroccan favorites
To access some of the features of the website, you must create a user account. You are solely responsible for this account and for the security of your account password. Each user is allowed to register only one account. If you violate this restriction, Le-maroc.info is entitled to terminate your membership. By registering on Le-maroc.info the user agrees to the storage of his e-mail address. The e-mail address, the date and time, are stored for each registration. Your data (if no legal necessity) is not passed on to third parties. For more information, please visit the Privacy policy page.

Keyword tip: Our web directory of the homepage and the Travel directory has been created for English keywords. If you are adding favorites, use English keywords, so the website is easier to find through our web directory. Example: at a hotel, riad or a trekking tour, you enter the English word "travel". A negafa or catering service gives the word: "wedding".

Rules: Please note the rules for adding new favorites. Only websites with Moroccan content are allowed on Le-maroc.info. Websites with other content will be deleted by the operator and the user will be deleted when the content is saved again.

Non-observance: Le-maroc.info is at all times entitled to delete membership accounts with all corresponding favorites without giving reasons, in particular, if these violate applicable law.

4.2 Registration in the Moroccan Toplist
To access of the Moroccan Toplist, you must create a user account. Each user can register multiple accounts, for different websites. Please note the rules in the application. Your advertising banner must be 468x60 pixels in jpg, png or gif format.

5. Usage
Each user can save different favorites in his account and retrieve them all over the world. The favorites can be displayed for all, or only for the user himself. By saving and sharing the favorites, here (Le-maroc.info) as well as on Facebook, Twitter and Google, get advertisers in Morocco more visitors, customers, travel bookings, financially strong partners and a better ranking in the search engines for their websites.

6. Exemption
Compensation claims against the operator can not be claimed in any case. Users are prohibited from using Le-maroc.info to save favorites with illegal content. Contraventions can be prosecuted.

Liability of the operator for contents of Internet pages, which were linked by users without knowledge of the operator, is excluded.

7. Disclaimer
Our web portal is an automatically and dynamically generated list of links to which everyone has to register in order to save their favorites. We do not have any influence on the contents of the linked third-party sites and hereby expressly dissociate us from this. A continuous control of the linked external sites is not possible and unreasonable.

We run daily samples to filter out and delete pages with illegal content.

8. Final provisions
The operator of Domian Le-maroc.info reserves the right to make any changes to the conditions of use without giving reasons, unless they are unacceptable to the user. The user is notified of the changes. The changes are deemed accepted if the user has not objected within two weeks.

This service is provided without warranty or guarantee of any kind.

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